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By keeping a phone handy, anyone can easily search for potential property people. However, if your business lacks proper information on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, you risk losing out to your competition. Online directories have been around for a while but are again gaining popularity as a convenient way for consumers to find and review businesses. People won't spent millions of Baht on something they only see on Facebook.

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5 Benefits To Taking Advantage Of ThaiTruly

Cost-Effective Exposure

ThaiTruly is a paid service that provides access to thousands of potential customers from around the world who are interested in settling and investing in Thailand. While many business directories offer free listing services, the benefits of such listings are minimal or nonexistent. By contrast, online listings through ThaiTruly offer businesses the chance to showcase their products or services to millions of potential customers without the high costs associated with other marketing strategies, such as paid advertisements.


Double the online traffic for your business

When you list your company on online business directories such as ThaiTruly, you not only gain exposure to potential viewers but also to highly trafficked search engines and networks like Google and YouTube. This significantly boosts the chances of your website appearing on major search engine results pages, attracting more visitors to your site. For small businesses, such an increase in traffic can be a game-changer, leading to more sales, greater brand visibility, and exposure.


Make your business accessibility easier

As we've mentioned earlier, listing your company on ThaiTruly can significantly increase your online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find you when searching for the particular service you offer. For instance, suppose you launched your business a few years ago, but due to a limited marketing budget, most people in your area or town are unaware of your services. In such cases, adding your company to ThaiTruly not only helps spread the word about your services to people in the town but also allows you to highlight your best work to attract their attention.


Build up and Strengthen your reputation

Since the internet has taken over the world with its immeasurable impact on the access and discoverability of emerging businesses. With countless options available on the internet, buyers have become extra cautious about choosing a service provider or a market place (online stores). With a world full of doubts, online directories can be extremely useful.Online directories like ThaiTruly are often considered a reliable source for finding high-quality, trustworthy businesses. The main idea behind is that online directories show you are not a fraud or a fake company hiding under a good-looking website, but cooperation that is serious about their reputation and what they are doing.


Increase your online authority

Listing your business on ThaiTruly can do wonders for your online authority, as potential customers seeing your company on here serve as evidence that you are a legitimate business, rather than a fly-by-night operation. As such, business directory listings are now a vital component of your online identity or footprint. By associating your brand with established directories like ThaiTruly, you can improve your credibility and enhance your overall online presence.