The prospect of purchasing a home, condominium, or land in Thailand is an appealing option for many non-Thai citizens. Despite stricter requirements placed on foreign ownership, it is still possible for foreign nationals to acquire property in Thailand. this is the area where its most important that you find a legal company with specialised knowledge in Thai real estate law. You want a company of real estate lawyers that can assist foreign nationals in navigating the legal processes involved in acquiring property in Thailand.

The Property Lawyers on ThaiTruly regularly advise and help their clients for the following reasons:

Compared to most Western jurisdictions, Thailand has fewer government regulatory agencies and consumer safeguards in place to protect buyers in the real estate industry. This can leave buyers vulnerable to sharp business practices and even criminal fraud, especially given the large sums of money involved in real estate transactions. ThaiTruly helps you find registered, reviewed professional lawyers and is committed to providing essential services and help protect you in every real estate transaction. From due diligence and contract review to title searches and dispute resolution you should search out a company which takes every step necessary to ensure you are protected from potential risks and scams in the Thailand real estate market.

If you're considering buying land or property in Thailand, it can be an attractive option for investment, business, residence, or retirement purposes. However, navigating Thai real estate law can be complex and confusing, especially for foreign buyers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of contradictory and misleading information on the internet, which can add to the confusion. Specific legal issues under Thai land law regulate the ability of foreign nationals to buy or acquire rights to real estate and property in Thailand. Our team can help you navigate these issues and provide a clear understanding of the basic principles involved in purchasing land or property in Thailand.